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Dairy Program





Faculty Advisors in Dairy Production and/or Dairy Manufacturing

Dr. Sheila Andrew (view bio)

Dr. Dennis D'Amico (view bio)
Dr. Gary Kazmer (view bio)
Dr. Amy Safran (view bio)


Dairy Production and Dairy Manufacturing Related Courses

ANSC 2691-01/ SAAS 290-01 Animal Science Field Excursions: New England Dairy Travel Course
ANSC 3261 Dairy Cattle Management
ANSC 3641 Animal Food Products: Dairy Technology
ANSC 3642W Scientific Writing in Animal Food Products- Dairy Technology
ANSC 3663 Dairy Management Decision Making
ANSC 3664 Dairy Cattle Evaluation
ANSC 3691-002/ SAAS 291-002 Professional Dairy Internships
ANSC 3693 Global One Health: Irish and US Perspectives on Dairy and Fish Farming
ANSC 4662W Dairy Herd Management
SAAS 363 Management Skills & Practices- Dairy Cattle I
SAAS 364 Management Skills & Practices- Dairy Cattle II
General Animal Science Courses that Support the Study of Dairy Science
ANSC 1001 Introduction to Animal Science
ANSC 1111 Principles of Animal Nutrition and Feeding
ANSC 2699/ SAAS 299  Independent Study
ANSC 3121 Principles of Animal Genetics
ANSC 3122 Reproductive Physiology
ANSC 3316 Endocrinology of Farm Animals


Students in Animal Food Products: Dairy Technology making fresh mozzarella


Opportunities for Animal Science Majors with Dairy Interest


  •  Extensive "hands-on" experience with dairy cows
  • Potential for student accommodations at the Kellogg Dairy Center
  • Student employment at animal units (Contact Executive Program Director, Livestock Units- Mary Margaret Cole)
  • Student employment at Creamery- ice cream production (Contact the Dairy Manufacturing Manager Bill Sciturro)
  • Laboratory Research Independent Study in Dairy Food Science and Microbiology (Contact Assistant Professor Dr. Dennis D'Amico)

ANSC Student Tierney Lawlor participates in daily milking


Arethusa Farm Scholarship for Animal Science Majors with Dairy Interest

The Anthony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus Arethusa Farm Scholarship was established in 2015 as a result of a generous donation by Anthony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus of Arethusa Dairy Farm in Litchfield, CT. 

In addition to owning Arethusa Dairy Farm, Anthony and George are top executives at the Manolo Blahnik shoe company. This year they held two Manolo Blanik sample shoe sales, the first in August in Bantam, CT and second in November in West Hartford the proceeds of which were donated to the scholarship fund.  Between the two sales, nearly $300,000 was raised from the sale of these designer shoes at discounted prices.  A video from the most recent sale can be seen here. 

These scholarships are awarded to full-time UConn Animal Science students with a demonstrated interest in dairy science, dairy food processing, or dairy production.  The generous support from Arethusa Farm encourages these students to pursue careers in the dairy industry. 




UConn Dairy Herd

Our Kellogg Dairy Center is a modern computerized 100-cow freestall facility.  We milk in a 4-on-a-side parlor with automatic take-off's and automatic milk weight recording equipment.  Our herd consists of ~70 Holstein and ~25 Jersey cows and ~105 young stock.  The cows average ~28,000 lbs and ~18,000 lbs per lactation for Holsteins and Jerseys, respectively.  In addition to providing the milk used to make UConn Dairy Bar ice cream, the cows are also used to support our teaching, extension, and research programs.  For example, dairy heifers are shown by UConn students during both the Little "I" and the Dairy Show.

Mary Margaret Cole, Executive Program Director, checks in on the calves at the Kellogg Dairy Center


  • Agri-Mark Top Quality Award- 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016
  • Progressive Breeders Registry Award- 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Gold Winner in the National Dairy Quality Awards Program of the National Mastitis Council- 2013


Dairy Facilities


UConn Cheese Production

In addition to ice cream production, the UConn Creamery also produces limited batches of the following cheeses under the direction of Dr. Dennis D'Amico:

  • Husky Juusto (Juustolieapa)
  • Queso Blanco
  • Traditional Mild Cheedar (mild, medium, sharp, extra sharp, and vintage)

These award winning cheeses are sold at the UConn Dairy Bar.

Creamery staff work to produce award winning UConn cheese


Our cheese awards include:

  • Queso Blanco was awarded a gold medal in the open class at the 8th annual Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition in 2015.
  • Chipotle Queso Blanco was awarded a Bronze in the flavored cheese category at the 8th annual Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition in 2015.
  • Green Chile Queso Blanco took third in it’s category in the 2015 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition. 
  • Queso Blanco was awarded a gold medal in the open class at the 7th annual Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition in 2014.
  • Green Chile Queso Blanco took second in it’s category in the 2014 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition.



Dairy Extension

The UConn Department of Animal Science is heavily involved in extension efforts in Connecticut and beyond.  Dr. Andrew and Dr. D'Amico participate in a number of outreach programs in the New England area.  Dairy extension activities include:

  • Involvement with local 4-H including Dairy and Beef Day hosted annually at the UConn Storrs campus
  • Annual New England Dairy Conference
  • Farm consultations on dairy nutrition and mastitis testing
  • Dairy production safety training and workshops
  • Extension based research identifying environmental sources of contamination and evaluating the persistence of pathogens in production facilities
  • Training for producers in control and monitoring activities to improve hygiene and reduce food safety risks
  • Comprehensive one-on-one technical assistance to troubleshoot quality and safety‐related issues in dairy production and manufacturing facilities
  • Technology transfer program provides technical expertise and laboratory testing services while assisting producers in the formulation and development of new products




Dairy Programs and Events

  • New England Regional Dairy Program Internships


  • ANSC New England Travel Course- Article from the 2016 Travel Course here.




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